“Being a dual Sports Competitor in MX and Snowcross, I need a high end product that withstands extreme temperatures from 100 to –10 degrees and brutal environments from mud and sand to ice and slush. The Rx Goggles prescription adapters achieve this with ease. A great product from great people.”
                   --Rick Edgerton, Madison, Wisconsin


Q: How do the adapters work?

A: They are 100% made in the USA and they are our own molds. High grade Trogamid frame insert with either Polycarb or Trivex lenses.
The adapters are inserts with Rx lenses in them that fit inside the goggles behind the goggles lens and in front of the goggle foam. The only thing that touches your face is the foam. They do not alter the goggles in any way and can be removed and inserted in another pair of goggles within a minute, no tools needed. This feature makes them very easy to clean in between motos.

Q: How much do they cost?
A: About 95% of the units we make are the $129.00 base price which includes two polycarb Rx lenses and a lifetime warranty. We can provide goggles for you or you can provide your own. Top quality goggles start in the 30 dollar range.

Q: What do you need to order?
A: All we need is a copy of the actual doctor's prescription and your P.D. measurement. They can easily be faxed directly to us (386-418-0633) from the place your glasses were made. You can also contact us for instructions on emailing us the Rx and P.D. at our contact page

Q: How long does it take to receive my order?
A: 95% of orders going to U.S. Destinations are received within 2 weeks.

Q: Which goggles will the adapters fit?
A: Click here for a list of compatible adapters

Q: What about fogging?
A: In most cases, fogging is only a problem if you stop moving. If you are in extreme conditions like very wet or cold or both, we recommend our FACTORY INSTALLED NO FOG COATING. It is new and guaranteed not to fog! We do not recommend using no fog cloths, however, the sprays and pastes work pretty well if you follow the directions. Also, try to keep the inside of your goggles dry.

Q: Do they move around during usage?
A: No. Period

Q: Question of quality?
A: 100% MADE IN THE USA. We offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the adapter frame and lens against breakage. The competition doesn't.We tried to break our Trogamid adapters and couldn't! We only use Polycarb or Trivex lenses because that is what safety glass lenses are made of and cr-39 lenses can break. If you take a impact to the eye, Polycarb or Trivex could save your eyes. The competition uses CR-39 which can shatter.. Our lenses come with a scratch resistent coating. Most of the competition charges $20.00 extra.