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* Hustle/Tyrant Series Lens and Tearoff Compatible

* Integrated Custom Painted Frame and Strap Graphics

* 100% UV Protected WORKS Clear Lexan® Lens

* NoFog™ Anti-Fog Lens Treatment

* RAM Air Ventilation

* NoSweat 3.2 Face Foam

* Durable Silicone-Lined Strap

* Tyrant Nose Guard

This order is for the goggles only. To order the compatible OK Adapter for this product go to Rx Adapters.

Black $49.00
White $49.00
Blue $49.00

  Red $49.00

  Orange $49.00

  Oxide Pink Yellow $66.00

  Oxide Red Blue $66.00

  Oxide Turquoise Blue $66.00

  Speed Blue Red $66.00

  Speed Grey Green $66.00

  Zebra Grey Turquoise $66.00

  Zebra Purple Yellow $66.00

Works Film System Black $74.00
Works Film System White $74.00
Tyrant Tear Offs 20 Pk. $9.00
Tyrant Works Anti Fog Lens Clear $8.00
Tyrant Works Anti Fog Lens Grey $8.00