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-One-piece outer mask ABS/PC blend -Polyurethane inner frame -Unidirectioal air flow system -Moisture wicking micro-fleece lined face foam -Quad foam technology -Anti-fog treated (AFT) lens -100% UV protection -Lens and outer mask mounted posts holds up to 28 lamenated tearoffs -2" Silicone beaded strap -Large fit size

This order is for the goggles only. To order the compatible Xi Adapter for this product go to Rx Adapters.

Flair Orange & 10 pk tearoffs $75.00
Linear Green $55.00
Mirage & 10 pk tearoffs $75.00
Nerve $55.00
Overlap & 10 pk tearoffs $75.00
Vox Blue $55.00
Vox Red $55.00
Vendetta Tearoffs 20 Pk. $12.00
Vendetta Lens Clear AF $9.00
Vendetta Lens Blue Anti Fog $9.00
Vendetta Lens Amber AF $9.00
Vendetta Lens Gold Ionized $21.00